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Island Energy Inquiry - Teaching Science as Inquiry Professional Development (Hawaii Island Lectures)

HPA Energy Lab Tour - Dr. Bill Wiecking

Dr. Bill Wiecking leads a tour of HPA's new Energy Lab. He talks about the energy saving design of the building, which includes material used, passive architectural design features, and technological innovations. The Energy Lab is being considered for certification as a LEAD Living Building.


The Sun is our Solution! - Markus Class, Class Solar

Markus Class discusses solar power at HPA's energy lab. Markus gives an overview of photovoltaic technology, including net metering and battery storage. He also show the inner workings of both PV and solar hot water panels.


Hawaii Electric Light Co. – Adapting to Serve Our Island Communities - Laura Rogers Electrical Engineer, HELCO

Laura Rogers, Electrical engineer for HELCO, speaks about the Big Island's energy grid at HPA's new energy lab. Laura's presentation covers utility current capacity, issues and future plans. Participant questions are answered as well.


Climate and science at HPA - Alan Nakagawa

Alan Nakagawa of Digital Science Solutions and the Hawaii Department of Education speaks about energy use and climate concerns in Hawaii. Alan's presentation begins with a locally, Hawaii relevant version of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", whom Alan trained with! Alan goes on to talk about opportunities to engage Hawaii's students in scientific investigations using both low-tech and newly high-tech technologies.